little rock maternity photographer/LRM sneak peek take 2

it is not very often that I get to photograph another photographer! i was thrilled when Amber ( from Two Red Sisters Photography ) booked a session with me via the Little Rock Mommies fundraiser! Amber and her hubby were flippin' amazing and provided lots of laughs during our session! Amber it was quite the pleasure to meet you and I hope to work together again real soon... my camera really ♥s you!


Amber said... at 11.4.11

You're just the sweetest! I love these photos and I can't wait to see the rest come time. :) I need to learn some pointers from you lady! Expect more business from me after baby is born (and I lose a little of this mama chub)- all 6 of us will be ready for some family photos!

Anonymous said... at 11.4.11

The pictures are gorgeous!!!

Jess said... at 12.4.11

thank you amber! i would be happy to give you some tips anytime :) i cannot wait to see your new addition!

thank you cavenable!

with love

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