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This past Saturday I helped out a wonderful local Moms group, Little Rock Mommies in their fundraiser. I shot 9 sessions in one day ( whew! ) Little Rock Mommies is an awesome online forum for moms in the Little Rock area. There are awesome information boards and even specific area groups within the forums to join in on all the fun going on in your area! If you are looking for a way to get out of the house ( or stay in and just interact with other mommies ) LRM is the place for you! Swing by and check them out today!

My goal for this week is to post two sneak peeks a day - which will be hard for me b/c once i get to loading the pics to the computer... i get side tracked and just want to edit them all! I find it very hard to pick just a few for a sneak peek... these lovelies belong to LRM very own director, Kristin! It was such a joy to finally meet you and your gorgeous children! Enjoy!


runningmom said... at 11.4.11

OMG! These pics are absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to see the rest, and as far as I'm concerned, you'll be photographing my family from now until the end of time!!!

Jess said... at 11.4.11

thank you so much Kristin! i cannot wait until next time!

Allison Peterson said... at 11.4.11

so cute!! Kristin, your kiddos photograph so well! Can't wait to see all of ours too =)

Loni said... at 18.4.11

Very cute pics!

pretty little happy said... at 18.4.11

SO CUTE!! These are my favorite pics!

Anonymous said... at 18.4.11

So cute!! Good luck to you.

Kay said... at 18.4.11

Clark and Daphne are adorable and the pictures really capture their sweet personalities!

Brenda said... at 18.4.11

Adorable pics Kristin! Two cuties...

BrittDerr said... at 18.4.11

Kristin, your kids are so stinkin cute! I can't believe how big they both are...especially Daphne!

Dan said... at 18.4.11

Love em! Next to seeing them in person, these pics are next best thing!

Lesley said... at 18.4.11

These pictures are so adorable! Clark and Daphne are growing up so fast! Kristin, you are such a spectacular mommy!

Trista said... at 18.4.11

These are just precious! Love it!

Robyn said... at 18.4.11

oh my goodness these pictures are adorable!! and I love the LRM group!

Tarrie said... at 18.4.11

Very Cute Pictures. They are really growing up fast, I can not believe how gorgeous they are. Good Luck.

Anonymous said... at 18.4.11

These Pics of Clark and Daphne are absolutely beautiful!!!
Brittany Stephenson

Anonymous said... at 18.4.11

This are the most precious and so are the children! The pics show them off more beautifully than ever before! -Michele Robbins

Jamie of the Purple Hair said... at 18.4.11

Too cute! Love them!

Lauren said... at 18.4.11


Cheryll said... at 18.4.11

Precious! :)

Anonymous said... at 18.4.11

Precious gifts from heaven!

Anonymous said... at 19.4.11

Great pictures!

Amanda said... at 19.4.11

These are so great Kristin!! Adorable babies! :)

Jody Morgan said... at 19.4.11

These are great pictures - absolutely love them!!

Rainey said... at 19.4.11

I love them! They are sooooo cute!!!

Chris said... at 19.4.11

Super cuties! Great pics!

Robyn said... at 20.4.11

Great photos and adorable kids!

SJones said... at 20.4.11

Awesome pics! Such cuties!

Teresa Huffman said... at 20.4.11

Beautiful pictures of beautiful children!

Sammy said... at 21.4.11

beautiful kiddos, Kristin! love these pictures.

Kathleen said... at 21.4.11

Super cute! Love the pics. :)

Jerry Swaim said... at 21.4.11

Great pictures! Always cute!

K. Kahler said... at 21.4.11


Anonymous said... at 22.4.11

Absolutely ADORABLE!!! :D

Uncle Bruce said... at 23.4.11

Clark and Daphnie look absolutly great!

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