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i know... you are probably thinking " i thought you were on break!? " well i have prior arrangements that have to be filled and had to get these pics done for a baby shower i am throwing! 
i have yet to edit any others but i had to share a teaser today.... the rest will be tomorrow so check back on this post then!

Today I finally got to photograph my dear friends Angela and Chuck's family. Chuck is the Worship Pastor at our church so of course we had to get the "geeeeetar" out! Enjoy your sneak peek!

i recently got back from my road trip with my daughter and best friend and her daughter on monday!
we traveled to the great state of minnie-sota to be reunited with some very close friends of ours and photograph/sing for well.... i may as well just say my little sister b/c she has become just that to me!
i love miss kelsey dearly and was so thrilled when she asked me to come up and photograph her wedding!
our trip to say the least was AMAZING and i have no other words to explain the goings on and how AMAZING it all truly was - it seriously feels like a dream and if I did not have pictures to prove it, I may have had to just pinch myself!
CONGRATS Kels and Eric! We love yall!
*disclaimer* for those of you who recently read my previous post and are thinking "what? i thought she was on break? well i am.... this was my last shoot ( except for a few close friends ). i just thought you may enjoy!!!

Lynsey and I sing a song at the wedding :)

the kids at the Nelson's Lake House

Dear Friends, Clients, Birdy Watchers etc...,
I have done a ton of thinking, PRAYING and listening these past few months and FINALLY have heard what path God wants me to take with my business.
For some of you who may not know, I have been struggling with some personal things and with the Photography side of this business I call Birdy. For reasons that are best for myself and my family, I have decided to take a break. One year off, call it a sabbatical if you will, of photography. 
I have some much needed family time to be had and some taking care of myself that has been put off for too too long. I hope in this year I will be able to find that passion again for photography and come back stronger than ever! I love seeing your smiling faces in front of my lens and cannot wait until I am well rested and ready to do so again!
I have a few sessions lined up but at this time will no longer be accepted clients until further notice.
Thank you so much for your patience and understanding!
Below, I have listed some local photographers of choice and some up and coming photographers to look for!

Gretchen Davis - awesome photojournalist style
Raye Law
Sweet Little Things Photography

Up and coming!
Check out one of my clients Kaysi Jacks - she is just starting her photography business and I have high hopes for her!

side note: I will still be offering design services and on occasion hand made items geared for photographers.

This beautiful gal is my husbands cousin. Now when we first met she was only 7 years old!!!! She has grown up to be such a gorgeous and talented woman and I was so honored to have taken these pictures for her! I wish you all the best Christina in your near future... have a blast this Senior year and I hope you get into the college of your choice!!!

PS. There were soooo many pictures and I loved them all so I just randomly chose a few images for your sneak peek - you are one gorgeous gal! I will have all the images ready soon!!!!

I had the most awesome privilege to not only be a bridesmaid in my little brothers wedding but to also be the photographer! You are probably thinking " How in the world did she manage that?" but just to let you other photogs know... it really was not that hard and barely noticeable when I "snuck" out of rotation to get my camera lol. I had my Aunt photograph us coming in and a few while we were all up there and took off right before the vows started.
Anyhoo.... the wedding was Saturday and we had a long day of traveling back home to Arkansas and are heading out tomorrow for Ohio ( I get to do senior pics for Tom's cousin! ) so I am probably crazy for even sitting down to edit any pictures at all but I figured while I was transferring images to my hard drive, I may as well edit a few!
Without further ado... I would LOVE to introduce my little brother Jonathan and his lovely wife, Lyndsey...
Mr. & Mrs. Shaw

I had a wonderful time photographing these three gorgeous kiddos! The day turned out to be a bit chilly and windy even though we are so close to summer... I was definitely not anticipating weather like that! The children were so great though and baby Blade was probably one of the calmest babies I have ever photographed especially considering the wind! Kami, I am so glad you chose me to photograph your beautiful family and your children are just lovely! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

with love

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