little rock children's lifestyle photography/LRM fundraiser take 3

 I never had a sister... but I adore photographing them! It is like they share a fabulous secret that no one else will ever have a clue in figuring out! These two sisters are extra special because they are TWINS! I have to say this was probably one of my favorites of all the sessions... I had a blast with these girls and even though they were super quiet... I had a feeling they were carrying on a conversation the whole time!


Little Knit Knacks said... at 12.4.11

You captured so much of their personalities that I love. I am in love with these portraits! Thank you so much!

runningmom said... at 12.4.11

So beautiful! This was definitely my favorite session to watch that day!!!

Jess said... at 12.4.11

i am so happy mandi! that is my goal for each session is to capture personalities and your girls were a delight!
thank you kristin! it was one of my favorites!

Tiffany said... at 18.4.11

Very cute pics! =)

Anonymous said... at 18.4.11

gorgeous. wish you were in NJ, I'd use you in a heartbeat!

Jess said... at 18.4.11

thank you tiffany!
thank you so much livelaughloveliquour :) i wish i was in NJ too! ( seriously! )

Holly Pierpont said... at 18.4.11

Beautiful girls, beautiful scenery, beautiful portfolio :)

Anonymous said... at 20.4.11

The girls look so sweet and beautiful! I love the natural backgrounds and the wind in their hair. Wonderful pics!

with love

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