scheduling a session....
♥ i am so excited you are ready to schedule your lifestory session with me! simply click on the contact tab and fill out the short form. i will be in contact with you with an invoice for the session fee.
♥ i will consult with you after you schedule your session to discuss your ideas and my ideas. if you have any particular questions or request, this is a great time to bring them up. we can do this consultation at the location of the shoot and you can bring your family so i can introduce myself and get to know you a little better. i like for your children to feel comfortable with me so i am not just some crazy woman that shows up one day with a camera. consults are absolutely no cost to you and should be scheduled at least one week prior to your session date.

the day of...
♥ before i show up for your session ( if it be in your home ) walk around the room/s and remove all unwanted chords from the wall that you may notice later in pictures. make sure the blinds/curtains are open to let as much light in as possible. natural light is a great way to help your photos seem as real as your family!
♥ if we do not get a chance to consult prior to your session, i like to show up to the session and visit with you for a little bit. i truly want to capture the essence of your family and will use this time to get to know you, play a game with the kids or just listen to what they have to say. i find that some children just love to show off their favorite toys or story book. this is a great way to get your children to become comfortable with a photographer in the room while they continue to their everyday play.
♥ if you have chose a special activity for your families session ie. we are going to the park, the fair, the public library etc... make sure that we have all the necessary arrangements made prior to your session. with proper planning, your session will go as easy as pie. younger children should have had a nap ( unless i am photographing their nap! ) and should have a full tummy ( unless i am photographing their snack! ).

where do i look? ( eep! i am uncomfortable! )
♥ don't worry! you are not the only one who may feel this way...
although a lifestory session looks amazing in photo and you are able to capture your family the way you will remember them, you may feel a little uncomfortabe with a person standing there snapping away. trust me when i say you will not feel this way at all! i am not there to judge you or to make you feel awkward.
i will do a mixture of posed and candid photographs, where I will
place you somewhere and then wait for the magic to happen! you won't ever hear me ask a child to say cheese or to look at the camera. i am there to capture that everyday wonderful that makes your family who they are. i understand that at your childs young age you do want pictures of them looking at the camera and smiling. children tend to talk with me through the session as i interact with them but not interrupt your family experience. when a see a child disinterested in what the family is doing, i may ask them to show me their favorite toy or to go exploring. you will find that your child will open up so much more when they are not being asked to sit still or pose and smile. if you at anytime are confused as to what to do or have trouble thinking of an activity for your family to do or choosing a location, do not worry... i have plenty ideas and you will soon see that our session went by with a breeze and you and your family had a lot of fun!

what do we wear?
♥ we can discuss this prior to your session at our consult visit or via email/phone. i will tell you that when asked my advice on this i will tell you to wear what you normally wear... don't feel the need to dress up unless you absolutely want to. the more comfortable you are, the more it will show in your pictures. i love to tell the parents to let their children pick out the clothes... if only for a few pictures, it makes for great fun and your child will be so proud!

do you do studio sessions at all?
♥ i used to do studio sessions with backdrops and props but i can honestly tell you that i have grown to love the much more natural family portraits that the lifestyle sessions provide you with. i find that children are so much more open and happy when in their natural enviroment and not restricted to a limited space. i truly hope that you will try a lifestory session and see the difference for yourself!

with love

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