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*sigh* what can i say? this photo session was bittersweet...

my dear friend, diana and her family will be moving next week :(. now i have only gotten to know diana just recently ( i sing with her at ThatChurch in Sherwood ) and i feel just as close to her as some of my friends that i have known years... she is just that kind of gal! but alas... her family must relocate but i know that we will keep in touch, because i would be just CrAzY to not keep in touch with her! i snagged her this evening and got a little photo session in because i just had to before she moved! her little darlin', emily is just the sweetest and just this week told me " i love you jessica! " * tears * i am going to miss that little silly girl!
so even though i am sad to think of this as the first ( and last ) photo session with sweet emma lou and beautiful diana... i know that we will remain friends for many many years!


with love

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