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"Remember when all we had to do was to keep our ponytails straight and catch fireflies?"
-- Author Unknown

oh joy! i had so much fun today spending time with these two little girls. they are so super sweet and just full of laughter and smiles ♥ as soon as i walk into their room they instantly wanted me to play with them so of course i just had to, and read, and dance... of course! they were absolutely adorable and i just knew that the images captured were going to be some of my favorites and guess what?! they were! this is why i do what i do - just to be able to capture these moments between two sisters that i know will be treasured forever is an honor. thank you so much elaine for inviting me into your home and the chance to meet your awesome children!

oh yeah! i forgot to tell you that i got my picture taken too xoxo


with love

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