2011 prices/new year new story

♥pssst...did you know that if you combine this offer with this offer... you could possibly get TWO FREE 10x10 storyboards!!!!???? what? that.is.crazy!
just click on details/investment


Stephanie Cook said... at 1.2.11

<3 the new pricing!

Jess said... at 1.2.11

if you are happy. i am happy ♥

Whitney said... at 1.2.11

psst...I know 2 babies with birthday's coming soon!!! I bet they would like birthday pics taken ;)

Jess said... at 1.2.11

that is awesome! just swing by the website and fill out the contact form ♥ i can't wait!

Kaysi Jacks said... at 1.2.11

I am loving the new price list. Especially the early bird CD-R! I know a lot of people that will love how affordable you are!

Jess said... at 1.2.11

that is great kaysi :) i really hope this launches "the bird"

with love

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