i.wanna.shoot/a band

*updated* this months promotion is now closed, please look for next months!

this is a new segment i like to call i.wanna.shoot
basically, i would like to take on a photographic challenge once a month. something that i have never photographed before. i will post at the beginning of the month ( let's say this is february ) and if you fit the category, give me a holler! there is no cost to you unless of course you would like to purchase prints but a special discounted cd-r of the images will be offered to you for just $50.00
so... this month
i.wanna.shoot a band!
it could be any genre of band, it could be a one man band or a band of 20. it could be a folk band ( my favorite ) or a polka band. it could be a worship band or a metal band ( i may have to require tylenol for that last one ). it could be a band that is just starting out and does not even have anything recorded. it could be a garage band. it could be a local band... anyway you get the point. i won't be photographing your sound but i hope that the images would help your fans to envision the individuals you are. i truly hold music close to my heart so naturally i chose to photograph a band for the first of my i.wanna.shoot series, hey maybe i will even land myself a gig in a band!
ok enough rambling, you get the point.
i hope to hear from yall! i will only be taking on one band so get your entries in quick!

how to enter - you can....

  • go to the birdy facebook page and become a liker ( why? because i said so and b/c i desperately need a bigger fan base on there ) and view "events" to enter your band.
  • have a twitter? tweet why your band should win and add the hashtag #iwannashootband
  • ok now that you have done all that stuff, leave me a comment so i know that there is an interest and i can keep up on the facebook and twitter updates :)
the challenge will end february 15th and i will schedule the i.wanna.shoot session with the winning band for the following weeks ( the shoot must take place before february is up )


with love

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