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let me just start this post by saying how happy i am with my new direction in photography! i could tell such a difference in not just myself and my work, but in my clients. maybe it is because i am much more calm and not as frazzled but i just feel as though the people i now photograph are much more relaxed, at ease and just free! i really do hope that my work will express that because i truly do enjoy lifestyle photography much much more than directing people how to interact and smile at the camera.
this gorgeous little family had a session with me not too far back if you remember and won a free mini lifestory session with me via the facebook page ( if you are not a liker you simply must flutter over there and become one!) and i was so thrilled to be able to visit baby nathan again! kaysi and terry, as always it was a blast and i thank you for welcoming me into your home ♥


crewdawgswife said... at 28.1.11

Jess, I don't know how your pics could get any better (cause they where awesome to begin with), but they do.

Jess said... at 28.1.11

awww sam i can always count on your to say the right thing! ♥ love you girly!

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