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It is always fun for me when I have a returning client and I get to see how much their little one has grown! Although it was super super hot the other night for our session, little C was a trooper in a tutu! She did really great despite the heat and I was so happy to get to see how big she has gotten since I last took her pictures. She has the cutest little smile and I was happy to have caught it just a few times. I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

Little C and her Mommy "then & now"


Mandy Hill said... at 23.6.10

LOVE THEM!!! Glad we got some good ones with the tutu!

BRANDIABLAY said... at 24.6.10

too cute! I know a girl with twin 7mo girls if you need twins for your portfolio or anything...

bridget said... at 24.6.10

I love your pics there so cute

Jess said... at 24.6.10

thank you bridget :)

Bella Kole Photography & Creations said... at 24.6.10

ooo love these :D is that a trunk she is sitting in?

Jess said... at 25.6.10

it is :) found it for 10.00!!!

with love

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