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For a while I have had this vision in my head of the perfect maternity model who just screamed fun! I wanted bubbles, a hula hoop and bubble gum... I got Lorin and boy ( btw she is having a boy! ) was I so so happy! I had so much fun this evening and could not have had a more perfect maternity model for what I had in mind. Lorin your personality fit the vision to a T, or should I say to the bubble?! It was a pleasure meeting you and your hubby this evening and I cannot wait to meet your little man once he is here! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek and by the way after combining a few pictures I managed to get both of you with a bubble! I love love love how it turned out!

special thanks to my little girl Kensey for the bubbles! she did an awesome job being my assistant today! :)


Mandy Hill said... at 23.6.10

These are great! So colorful!

Jess said... at 24.6.10

thank you mandy :)!

Rosie Kuhar said... at 24.6.10

I like the bubble pic!! Super cute!!

BRANDIABLAY said... at 24.6.10

Really wish you were around when i was pregnant!! love the preggers pics!!

Jess said... at 24.6.10

i really wish i had been into this when i was pregnant and had my daughter :( of course it was not so popular then!

Bella Kole Photography & Creations said... at 24.6.10

i love your processing :D

Jess said... at 25.6.10

thank you!

with love

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