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Before you ask... I just had to title this post " the ants go marching...." due to the fact that we were eaten alive by ants!!! The kiddos are fine but us mom's must have been wearing ant hormones... my poor little assistant Kensey was the first to encounter the buggers ( haha, i have always wanted to say that word! ) I hope that the little ones are ok, I am pretty sure Faith was taken care of propped on the blanket. Aside from the heat at 8am in the morning, which you would think not to be bad... and the ants and the humidity, we got some amazing shots and I am so happy that I got to feature my handmade items from P*Pie for our Fall 2010 Launch Sept 1st. The headbands, baby legs, hat and tie are all from our Fall line for babies and toddlers. Whitney, I hope you enjoy the sneak peek and I will be done with your gallery by Wednesday!


Anonymous said... at 26.8.10

I love the hat and the baby legs on my grandbabies!!! How much will they be in your store?

with love

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