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Today I finally got to photograph my dear friends Angela and Chuck's family. Chuck is the Worship Pastor at our church so of course we had to get the "geeeeetar" out! Enjoy your sneak peek!


Scott Harness said... at 9.9.11

These are some of my most favorite people in the world! Amazing family. Wonderful life moments contained in these images. Great work Jess.

Priggs13 said... at 9.9.11

These are absolutely precious!!! Love the pictures, love this family love you!!! I cannot wait to have Stella's done!!

Stacey Harness said... at 9.9.11

Great photos of a precious, honest, true family! Thanks for capturing their spirit, Jessica!

Angela said... at 9.9.11

Thank you Jess for giving of your time to take our pics. They are so great and you are such blessing to not only us but to the church and the entire world. Love you girl and again thank you.

Jess said... at 10.9.11

WOW! Thanks yall! I had a great time taking these - there are so many more great pics from the session, I cannot wait to finish editing them :)
I agree, this is an awesome family and you can just feel the love!

Penny - I am down! Just let me know when!!!

with love

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