road trip/friends/wedding - need i say more?

i recently got back from my road trip with my daughter and best friend and her daughter on monday!
we traveled to the great state of minnie-sota to be reunited with some very close friends of ours and photograph/sing for well.... i may as well just say my little sister b/c she has become just that to me!
i love miss kelsey dearly and was so thrilled when she asked me to come up and photograph her wedding!
our trip to say the least was AMAZING and i have no other words to explain the goings on and how AMAZING it all truly was - it seriously feels like a dream and if I did not have pictures to prove it, I may have had to just pinch myself!
CONGRATS Kels and Eric! We love yall!
*disclaimer* for those of you who recently read my previous post and are thinking "what? i thought she was on break? well i am.... this was my last shoot ( except for a few close friends ). i just thought you may enjoy!!!

Lynsey and I sing a song at the wedding :)

the kids at the Nelson's Lake House


with love

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