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spring project 2 : painting the kitchen

welcome to my side of the camera! i love to blog but i hate to keep up with more than one lol - i have numerous blogs but seem to only keep up with my photoblog. from now on, i will posting a little segment i call " our nest ".

well it started off with a wonderful idea to "brighten" up the kitchen and add some of the clean retro designs that I adore so much... it ended in a very brightly painted kitchen that kinda gave me a shudder every time i walk into the kitchen...

kensey absolutely loves it! i know one of these days she will look back and say "hey remember the time my mom painted the kitchen teal on a whim?" you know what? those are the memories that i love best about my own mom... the crazy and funny things that she did as i was growing up are the little things that make me smile to this day!

i have decided though, to paint all the walls white except for my bay window area - that, i will leave teal. i plan on building a window seat there and really think that the brightly colored wall will be a nice touch to whatever i decide for fabric for my seat cushion and pillows....

on a lighter note ( haha see how i did that? ) i am debating on if i should paint the cabinets white as well?


Julie said... at 24.3.10

Go for it! Paint the cabinets white! I think it will brighten it up. You should leave the teal til the cupboards are white, you may like it than!

I don't mind the color. It makes me smile!

Jess said... at 25.3.10

thanks julie! i may just do that :)

Bella Kole Photography & Creations said... at 24.6.10

Love that paint color.... starting to wish i would have done my kitchen that color.... may have to redo it ;)

Jess said... at 25.6.10

thank you :) it was a little bright for me so i had to tone it down - i now have it on just the bay window wall and it is a more muted teal :)

with love

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