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I had quite the adventure today - venturing out in J'ville for some antiquing with my good friend Lynsey! I found a bunch of goodies and was very happy with my loot :). I picked up THE MOST ADORABLE NEWBORN PROP EVER!!! For an insane price... I cannot wait to put a baby on it!

Moving on... for those of you remember when I was Ordinary Morning Photography ( way back when ;) ) and my logo was an umbrella, you may remember my love for umbrellas and how I just love to incorperate them into a picture! I found my fav. so far! This one has BIRDY'S! I also got this for a great price at the same shop as the scale.

Here is the umbrella in action...

Looking back on my past posts when I showed you some of my other goodies I picked up on one of my many thrifty adventures... I have a table runner that I grabbed from the same store I got K's cute bedroom table and an adorable little vase that I got for only 1.00!!

With all of K's new * should I say old? * things in her bedroom, I just had to grab her this chenille bedspread! It has a few stains on one side of it but you cannot see them on her twin sized bed.

and an apron made from vintage fabric!

What? You didn't think that I went out and did not grab anything for myself did you? Of course not! I found two lovely pyrex dishes for an unbelievable price at two seperate shops...


I must say, I am loving that teal wall in my kitchen for this prop photo session... don't you?

Before I go, I must list the shops that I visited today so you can check them out for yourself, however, let me warn you that the place I got the scale, umbrella and vase from was a wonderful shop and some of the things were very pricey but amongst the high end items were treasures such as these. BUT - if you are going to shop there be ready for a lecture if you are going to use your plastic ( visa, master card, etc... ) b/c appearantly us "young generation" needs to wake up and carry some cash ( tee hee .... I won't mention which place but if you go, you will know! ).

Oliver's Antiques ( my fav! ) - J'ville
Jackson Square Antique Gallery - J'ville
The Other Store - J'ville

I will leave you with a little smile - this is not from a store but from my Grandmother who found out I like owls over the Holidays and brought this cute little trivet to me... I just think it is a "hoot"!


Mandy Hill said... at 23.6.10

Owls are one of my favs!

BRANDIABLAY said... at 24.6.10


Michelle said... at 24.6.10

super cute props! and i love owls too! i plan on doing my daughters room in an owl theme!

Jess said... at 24.6.10

yes i have a secret obsession with owls... you will find more birds around my house than owls but i love them much much more - i actually found another one of these little trivets at a local flea market - it was a bit bigger and needed some tlc :)

Bella Kole Photography & Creations said... at 24.6.10

those are great props! and i too love owls! :) i am starting to look for stuff to collect. :)

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