texas wedding photography / i think i wanna marry you!

I had the most awesome privilege to not only be a bridesmaid in my little brothers wedding but to also be the photographer! You are probably thinking " How in the world did she manage that?" but just to let you other photogs know... it really was not that hard and barely noticeable when I "snuck" out of rotation to get my camera lol. I had my Aunt photograph us coming in and a few while we were all up there and took off right before the vows started.
Anyhoo.... the wedding was Saturday and we had a long day of traveling back home to Arkansas and are heading out tomorrow for Ohio ( I get to do senior pics for Tom's cousin! ) so I am probably crazy for even sitting down to edit any pictures at all but I figured while I was transferring images to my hard drive, I may as well edit a few!
Without further ado... I would LOVE to introduce my little brother Jonathan and his lovely wife, Lyndsey...
Mr. & Mrs. Shaw


with love

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