WINNERS!!!!!/ Birdy's Big Give Away!

FINALLY!!!! The winners are posted!!!
If you are a winner please contact me ASAP at
Remember - the 1st place winner gets to choose 5 items from the vendors first and then the 2nd place will choose 3 and then 3rd place will receive the item left over.
 So FIRST PLACE WINNER - MRS. GREEN - we are waiting on you to choose your prizes! Contact me at ASAP to get the vendors info and so I can let the SECOND PLACE WINNER - JULES - know what she has to choose from and then our THIRD PLACE WINNER - PENNY - will know what item she won!!!
IF you submitted a "birdy" pic - check the facebook page photo albums later... voting for that will start tomorrow!!!


runningmom said... at 16.4.11

Boo. I never win anything. :P

Amie said... at 16.4.11

wow i know i lost but #29 really? Some ppl are on there twice and both times are ahead of me!! I just have No luck.

with love

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