i ♥ faces/wind

i just ♥ visiting the i♥faces blog for inspiration! there are so many talented photographers featured weekly! this weeks challenge is wind - this image was taken of a very dear friend of mines little girl, who just moved away :( i will miss them so much! it was a windy day but i just love how she is making her own "wind" in this image blowing those bubbles!


Jessica Vaughn Photography l boudoir said... at 18.4.11

gorgeous color! And that field is wonderful

a.tonagel said... at 18.4.11

agree! beautiful color and overall mood of the picture.

Jess said... at 18.4.11

Thank you so much ladies!!!

Laurie Marie Photography said... at 18.4.11

agreed, this is lovely

Jess said... at 21.4.11

Thank you Laura Marie ;)

with love

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