because you owe it to yourself...

Dear Friends,
I am sitting down and taking a minute to uplift you! I want you to know that there is a better way to capture your family portraits than what you have been doing the past few years...please say goodbye to over processed, run of the mill, posed until you are uncomfortable portraits... say hello to a whole new world of family photography! You do not have to be limited to the 'sit down', 'look here', 'say cheese' experience... you can schedule your family session with ease knowing that your images will be exactly how you remember the moment... bright, colorful, full of life! no longer hang your family photos in your home with thoughts of " is my skin really that orange? " or " i know my child can smile... i see him do it all the time! " or " i wish my husband was not so uncomfortable, you can see it in the picture " 
For years I too fell into that category. I posed my clients, sat your children in front of faux walls and even put your newborn babes into baskets.... I am not saying that if you like that portrait style you are in the wrong or that if done correctly with oh so willing children the results would not be beautiful, I am just letting you know that there is something else out there for you portrait wise. I have come to understand that over the years, your children do not like to be told where to look and when to smile, your husbands arrive uncomfortable and tight lipped, your newborn babes are posed oh so comfortably for that perfect shot only to be moved two minutes later and again... and again. I don't want you to think that is the only way to go... because it is not!
I want you to know that from the deepest part of my heart I truly and honestly want you to have a beautiful portrait to hang on your wall and one you can be proud of!
Everyday I scan the net and facebook and I am saddened to see so many families settling for the cheapest or the most popular in the area just to result in the same images after another. You owe it to yourself and your family to have a comfortable and fun experience with amazing results! You deserve to hang a print on your wall that expresses who your family truly is!
so now ask yourself... why birdy?

  • my prices are extremely reasonable, in fact i have just lowered my prices to match local photographers
  • your experience with birdy will be very laid back, at ease and with every intention of capturing smiles... the natural ones.
  • my turnaround is crazy fast - ask my past clients! you see a sneak peek either the day of or the day after on my blog and your gallery is live in less than 1.5 weeks!
  • your children will ♥ me... seriously i probably spend more time playing than picture taking and you will see how much that will mean to your children AND still receive just as many images as you would normally ( averaging 25-30 images per 1.5 hours )
  • your images will be clear,crisp and bright - no over processed, plastic looking skin and fuzzy faces. anyone can take a picture but in order to achieve an image just as you see the person ... you must know what you are doing - i promise you... i know what i am doing!
  • i am totally understanding to all aspects of your life and meet with you ( and your family! ) prior to our session to get to know you and your little quirks. surprise me... honestly i want to capture your quirkiness, your happiness... your family. these are pictures that will help you remember this time of your life - you want the images to do just that.. document you NOT what a photographer tells you to do.
  • i ♥ what i do and you will see that before/during/after the session
so you ready yet? take that step toward a whole new world of family photography. clear your mantle because it is going to look much happier when your true family is above it!

smile! ( or whatever you decide ),


with love

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