afternoon snoooozzzzzzzeeee/or not?

kids are so funny, but i personally believe ( and i am sure i am biased ) that my daughter is one of the funniest!
i was cleaning house, which still does not look clean... when i looked outside and saw K fast asleep in the shaded area of our yard. i was shocked! my child does NOT lay in the bug infested grass!!! so I grabbed my handy dandy cam and set out the back door for some "caught in the moment" shots... little did I know this grass fairy was not fast asleep but was in full blown "ready to get ya!" attack mode!
so I caught a few of what I thought were "awww such a sweet innocent angel baby" images....
and then......

little stinker!


crewdawgswife said... at 25.3.11

She is so beautiful

Jess said... at 25.3.11

awww thank you Sam - i will tell her you said so :)

with love

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