little rock mommies/march 2011 fundraiser

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as some of you already know, i have mentioned that i will be teaming up with Little Rock Mommies of the Mommies Network on March 26th for a special fundraiser! Here are the details as promised... please note that all scheduling/payment will go through the email addy listed ( not through me! ). I sure hope you take advantage of this amazing opportunity and I cannot wait to snap those shots of you and your lovelies!!!
some ideas for a lifestyle session at Peabody Park - just contact me after you schedule your session to let me know if you would like to do one or two of the activities below so i have items on hand :)

  • family picnic ( you bring the picnic; blanket provided )
  • ♫ musical family ♪ ( play the guitar or another portable instrument? bring it on! )
  • go fly a kite ( kite provided )
  • bubble blowing fun ( bubbles provided )
  • up!up! and away ( balloons provided )
  • read a book ( books provided )
  • let's catch some bugs ( bug catchers provided )
  • bring your pets! ( still checking on this one/pets may not be allowed )
  • go fish - not real fishing BUT your kids will have a blast with a big bowl of goldfish ( yes i am serious a REAL goldfish! ) can you imagine the wonder and excitement?! ( bowl of goldfish provided )
*inspiration for above ideas acquired via JinkyArt - check out this amazing photographers website!*


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