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I have found over the past few years that my favorite photos of each session are the ones that I catch in between posed smiles and the shots that I take when you are not aware I am taking them. Those are generally the pictures that you fall in love with when you view your session. I want to take a different approach to family
photography and try something out....."lifestyle" portraits.
What is a "lifestyle" session?
This type of session is in a relaxed environment ie. your home, a field, your favorite family outing.
The photographer captures the essence of your family, the shared laughs, the foot stomping fit of your 2 year
old, the roll of the eyes from your preteen, the "life" in your nest, all those "little" things that make you a family. Because this is a lifestyle session, you would basically carry on how you normally would in your daily life. Don't worry about matching outfits or if everyone is looking at the camera. Seriously, your children may be in their jammies still b/c they just refuse to get dressed that morning, I think we have all been there!
How will the session go? Do we look at you and smile? Will you tell us what to do?
Each member of your family is unique and that is what makes you a family, your family.
I will be like a family friend coming to visit, I will be there but I will not be in your way. I will interact with the kids so that they are comfortable with me but I won't direct them or you. Because children are naturally curious they will want to know why I am following them around with a camera, so when I arrive I will tell them who I am and show them my camera, even let them take a few pictures, ask them to show me their favorite toy or activity that they like to do etc... When booking a lifestyle session, it is a good idea to have a special activity planned for your family or children ahead of time.
How long would a session be?
This will depend on the activity you choose for your family. You may only want me to capture your family baking cookies or maybe you want to all go out to the county fair... each lifestyle session is totally different so a session can be anywhere from 1 - 2 hours ( does not include traveling time )
Where would we do this session?
You can choose to have your lifestyle session in your home... maybe your family likes to play board games or you decide to bake cookies during your session. Maybe you don't need family portraits and you would like to capture craft time with your kids or a special outing for a walk downtown
You can have your session outdoors, maybe you have a special place that your family likes to visit?
Spring session? Perhaps the carnival is in town and your family would like to go or your family wants to start a garden or maybe you have a musical family... let's find a field and sing some songs!
If you have a Summer session, you could have a tea party in the yard with your little girls or a picnic if you have boys or set the pool up for some Summer fun!
Fall session? Let's go play in the leaves or find an apple orchard! 
Winter? Take your family to pick out the Christmas tree or maybe we get snow... SNOWBALL FIGHT!
These lifestyle sessions will be photographs that capture you! Your family. Your nest. Your life. No rules, no fuss, no stress!
How much is a lifestyle session? 
sessions are 40.00 for up to 4 people
20.00 for each additional lovely ( pets are free )
Your lifestyle session includes:

  •  1 to 2 hour session
  • photographers time/talent
  • online password protected proof gallery of 25-35 images
Does a Birthday/Graduation/Wedding count as a lifestyle session?
No. A lifestyle session is an activity that you and your immediate family only participate in. It is a personal session between those that live in your home. If you are interested in Birdy Photography for your other events, please contact me to discuss pricing.
I am ready to schedule our lifestyle session! What do I do?
Great! I am excited to capture your family at their best! Please contact me via my website to schedule your session.  You have the option of meeting with me at least 1 week prior to your session to discuss details about your session. Your session fee is due 5 days post scheduling your session. The session fee reserves your session date. If you decide to cancel your session you must do so at least 2 weeks in advance to receive your deposit, otherwise you will not be refunded. If there is a sickness or circumstances you cannot control, we can reschedule your session. The deposit will not be refunded in this case.


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