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Oh my! I have never held a baby so teenie before :) It is amazing what God can create isn't it? I was delighted to photograph baby Faith today and her family. I wanted to capture every detail, from the tiny little wrinkles to the little baby peach fuzz ;) just so everyone else can see what a miracle she is! You may remember little Faith's mama from a previous maternity session...


Mandi Yelland said... at 1.4.10

Oh my she is just adorable!

Jess said... at 1.4.10

isn't she? just the tiniest little thing!

crewdawgswife said... at 3.4.10

Jess, those picture are beautiful!! That baby is so adorable!!!!!!

Jess said... at 3.4.10

thank you so much sam! :)

Michelle said... at 24.6.10

ohhh i love the last picture in black and white!! i wish i would have gotten some with my girls like this! adorable!

Bella Kole Photography & Creations said... at 24.6.10

So Sweet! I love that backdrop on the belly to baby pics :D

with love

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