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This past week I have been on a treasure hunt! I, along with some great friends, visited a few antique shops and flea market/thrift stores in our area. I found the cutest little cottage table for K's room! The tag says 75.00 but I actually paid 50.00 which originally came down from 200.00! She and I plan to re-design her room as a project for while Tom is gone and we are leaning more toward a "chic-cottage" feel. I am very excited and this table was the perfect find to get us started! Of course we have some "organizing" to do and she has my old computer so we have to figure out where that will actually go... but is it not the cutest!?

Speaking of Kensey and treasures... she found these chives that grown wild in our yard and decided she would spruce up her floral arrangement in her room - hey if she wants her room to smell like onions, that is her deal!

I also found some adorable props for my photography business, a cute little umbrella at an antique store for only 5.00 ( eeep! ) and the neatest basket that screamed "PUT A BABY IN ME!". I bet people in the store passing by when I say " Oh! I could put a baby in this! " think I am crazy lol. I cannot forget to mention my best find yet... this fantastic retro orange travel suitcase for 15.00, sadly, I found it at another thrift store later for 5.00 but that one did not have this neat artwork done to it. Can't you just see a baby laying inside of this with the top up???!!!

I must say the picture does not do these items justice but just wait until I shoot a session with these props! Oh yeah - you can barely see it but there is a wooden plate to the left of that basket I got for 4.00 - also for a baby to lay in ;).

. I had to get a little somethin' somethin' for myself! I am into this retro phase right now and plan on re-designing my kitchen/dining area to look retro - mod and found this neat GE original, cord and all... AND IT WORKS! Only 10.00 - now to find a spot where it won't look tacky with the cord hanging down... hmmm...

Lastly, but not leastly - my cheapest find yet and at the Goodwill in J'ville! This adorable vase for only... wait for it...   .99 cents - AND IT IS A TIFFANY & CO.!!!
* is that expensive? haha it sounds expensive *


Michelle said... at 24.6.10

you find the neatest things!

with love

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